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  • • Seed trays for seed propagation and germination.• Made of durable material, plastic polypropylene, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.• Trays are stackable for easy storage. • Ideal choice for seedling germination.• With drain hole. Tray measurement 54x28cm

  • • Greenhouse lid with air regulations. • Made of PVC.• Ideal for germinating seeds or cutting.12 Alveoli - 75 x 135 mm16 You Box

  • • Label for plant and pot signage. • To specify varieties, prices, etc. • Solar radiation resistant.

  • Plastic pots and nursery support

  • · Easy assembly.· Ready to use in seconds. · Reduces growth time. · Improves root quality. · Simplify plant production by reducing costs.· The pot system helps the plant develop more fibrous roots and maximizes its ability to absorb nutrients and water, with superior growth and performance. · Due to the structure of the pot, the roots are attracted to...

  • · High quality plastic grille with UV protection, designed to be used horticulture and bird hatcheries, etc.· They are used on growing tables with screws or rivets or directly on the ground.· Trays and pots glide easily over the surface, without overturning. · Easy to clean and disinfect. · Easy to assemble.