Bricomed is Irrigation, Garden and Agriculture

At Bricomed we are dedicated to the wholesale distribution of products for garden irrigation and agriculture. We are part of the Bellviplas Group, manufacturer of extrusion plastics for agriculture and industry. We are a family business based in l'Olleria (Valencia), managed by José María Bellver and his 3 children; Alexander, David and Ma Gloria. We started in 2004 with the rise of DIY and DIY, with the idea of creating product lines designed for the end customer and focused on Brico-riego.

Large product catalog

In 2006, we launched the first product catalog and started attracting customers in the gardening sector, achieving a significant number of customers, mainly on the Mediterranean coast. We progressively expand the number of customers and the commercial network, until we reach all the provinces of Spain. Currently, we have more than 2,000 customers. In 2008, we sought partnerships with European companies for the exclusive distribution of specific products, expanded the range of products for professional irrigation and created a wide range of garden products; pruning tool, horticulture, greenhouses and garden decoration. We continue the expansion by supplying purchasing plants and large areas, and continue the supply work to the traditional distribution centers of the Garden Centers, Agri-centers and hardware store channel. In 2010 we started manufacturing our products, creating our own product line. The objective of this project is to offer a quality product and achieve more competitive prices.


      We have one of the widest ranges of irrigation, garden and agriculture products on the market. With this, we offer the possibility to channel all the purchases that an industry customer may need, with a single supplier.

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  • In recent years we have increased the range of technical products for agriculture through bamboo tutors and developed a line of agricultural protectors and plastic and metal tutors. Progressively, we are increasingly invested in marketing and design, both in the company's image and in the product range. In this way, we have more presence in the most important magazines and directories in the country. The commercial vision of the company, makes Bricomed always attentive to the latest innovations in the sector, with the aim of offering a useful and quality product to the end customer. That's why Bricomed's current catalog has more than 2,000 references and offers 200 new features each catalog.